About the photographer


Tom Dyring is a professional nature photographer living close to Oslo in southern Norway. Originally a landscape architect by profession, but now working full time with photography. 

He has photo projects all over the world, and accordingly spends a lot of time traveling. Elementary in his approach to wildlife photography is a fundamental respect for nature, for ecological principals and respect for the very individual that is being documented. The pictures can also be seen as a documentation of a biological diversity that, with accelerating speed, dissolves between our fingers. The diversity that was meant to "inherit the earth", is now facing a planet in decay where irreplaceable habitats and lifeforms continuously vanish. 

There is a lot of work behind his pictures, creative planning, lots of carrying, freezing, sweating, long hikes, endelss patience, many failed attempts and sometimes a few dangerous situations...but also; unforgettable, magic moments.   


Tom Dyring is a member of the Norwegian Nature Photographers Association (NN), an exclusive association of professional nature photographers with focus on environmental issues and ethical standards.

All pictures are shot in wild, uncontrolled conditions.


Publications —

- Digital Photographer Magazine
- Various international photo journals and collective book publications.
- BBC Books "The Hunt"
- Pål Hermansen "Norsk Naturfotografi i et historisk perspektiv"
- Pictures of the year.


 Collective Exhibitions —

- Narava Photography Contest, Kocevje, Slovenia
- Fetsund Lenser

 Solo Exhibitions —

- Bølgen Kulturhus, Larvik Kunstforening 2016
- Galleri Hellviktangen, Nesodden Akershus
- Galleri Fiisgården, Nordland
- Galleri Storgata 33, Drøbak